Hole 10

We always go with what the site gives us, and to create the greatest golf course on this site required that we not return #9 to the clubhouse. Instead, the fabulous teaching center behind the driving range doubles as a half-way house, and the tenth hole starts off the back nine by running back south, closer still to the general clubhouse area. As a longish, downhill par 4 coming after the short uphill 9th, #10 continues a wonderful sequence of rhythmic and stylistic changes from one hole to the next at Chicago Highlands, variation that the discerning golfer will enjoy throughout the round. On this hole, three grass "black holes" around the dogleg make the tee shot interesting, as does a narrow, run-on, mono-sloped green for the approach shot. Golfers will enjoy this hole in anticipation of the dramatic stretch of holes 11-13.

CH 10ew