Hole 9

Oh #9!  The hole that everyone in Chicago will be talking about. From the white tees, #9 lists at 270 yards long, but we'll make it shorter just to make sure everyone can reach it with their drive. #9 green is set on the highest part of the site and presents the clearest, most direct views of the Chicago skyline. So what did we do? We raised the green another 20 feet into the sky and surrounded it with bentgrass, creating one of the most visually and strategically exciting and enjoyable risk/reward opportunities in golf. Go for the green and miss it short left and you will suffer a deep, deep cavernous bunker. Miss it right and you get something far more interesting - a chip back up a 20 foot high bentgrass slope to the perched green. But don't worry, a miss on a soft chip probably won't send you all the way back down the slope. We do understand the need to keep it fun. And boy, is this hole fun!ch-09